NIB in Denmark

NIB has been operating in Denmark since 1978, providing approximately EUR 8.7 billion (DKK 65 billion) in financing to more than 300 projects in the country.

Denmark founded NIB together with the other Nordic countries in 1975. Some of NIB’s latest financed projects in the country include the expansion of KK Wind Solutions, fibre rollout investments and a sustainability-linked loan to FLSmitdth.

Start of operations: 1978

Projects financed: over 300

Amount financed: ∼EUR 8.7 billion

NIB financing in Denmark has been broad-based, encompassing themes such as electrification, sustainable energy, digitalisation, life sciences, consumer goods and services, and food, leveraging our expertise in these domains. 

Looking ahead, NIB aims to continue to support economic growth, the green transition and bolster key value chains and technologies.

Authorised capital

Member country
Authorised capital
Country’s share
Total 8,368,844,474.11€100.0%
* Credit ratings by Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s as of 10 November 2023

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Country Lead for Denmark
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Associate Communications Director
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