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Media enquiries can be sent to the Communications Unit. You are welcome to give us a call or send an email.

General enquiries can be sent to the address We will get back to you as soon as we can. Below are links to downloadable resources: NIB’s logo, images and publications.

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Media bank

NIB logo

NIB logo in different formats for download

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Image gallery

Images of NIB management

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Visual manual

Corporate visual identity & design guidelines

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Reports, newsletters, magazines & leaflets

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Contact us

Staff e-mail addresses: firstname.lastname (at) (for ä, ö, å use a, o, a)

Jukka Ahonen

Head of Communications
+358 10 618 0295

Iiris Anttalainen

Associate Communications Officer
+358 10 618 0258

David Bonilla Rasmusson

Communications Trainee
+358 10 618 0564

Vytautas Brazaitis

Communications Officer
+358 10 618 0235

Lotta Forssell

Senior Communications Officer
+358 10 618 0498

Arild Moen

Associate Communications Director
+358 10 618 0496

Pamela Schönberg

Associate Communications Director
+358 10 618 0294