NIB celebrates its 45th anniversary

This year, the Nordic Investment Bank marks its 45th anniversary. Since the Bank started operations in 1976, NIB has invested more than the equivalent of EUR 63 billion in over 2,200 projects.
Read about our work towards a prosperous and sustainable Nordic-Baltic region over the years.

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NIB Nordic Investment Bank 45 anniversary

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We offer sustainable long-term financing for projects that generate long-term environmental impact and productivity growth. All projects are thoroughly analysed for their sustainability merits. NIB’s financing is a quality stamp for its customers.

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NIB's bonds enjoy the triple-A credit rating uninterruptedly since the early 1980s. The bond issuance in the global financial market is the primary source of funding for the Bank's lending activities. We offer a good match with our investors' preferences in currency, maturity, liquidity and structures. The Bank is also a major Nordic environmental and blue bond issuer. ESG investors would find NIB's issuer profile suitable for their assets.

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