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Interviews and opinions:


  • Skanska Poland Skanska: making the most of smart and green

    “Most people are not aware of the strain the building sector is putting on the planet", says Adam Targowski, Sustainability Manager at Skanska Commercial Development Europe. “The good thing is that we know how to make a difference.” (1 Sep 2017)

21 Sep 2017

Municipality of Kristianstad (Sweden)

EUR 52 million

Energy and environment

18 Sep 2017

Municipality of Knivsta (Sweden)

EUR 37 million

Infrastructure, transportation and telecom

15 Sep 2017

Ringkjøbing Landbobank A/S (Denmark)

EUR 26.88 million

Financial institutions and SMEs

31 Aug 2017

City of Stockholm (Sweden)

EUR 158 million

Energy and environment

23 Aug 2017

VAS Latvijas Dzelzcels (Latvia)

EUR 22.8 million

Infrastructure, transportation and telecom

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