31 Jan 2024

InvestEU Investment Committee approves NIB’s green mobility and transport framework operation

The InvestEU Investment Committee has approved a framework operation in green mobility and transport, enabling NIB to provide financing up to an amount of EUR 150 million to projects promoting the greening of the transportation sector in the Nordic and Baltic region and Poland. 

The framework operation is set to provide debt financing to projects supporting  the decarbonisation of the transport sector as well as cleaner and safer mobility. This entails green transportation solutions, including the development and manufacturing of key components used for the production of such green vehicles and mobility solutions, e.g. batteries and fuel cells.

The support can also include investments related to the supply of renewable and low carbon fuels for vessels and vehicles. Moreover, support can also be provided to  development of the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) infrastructure, other inland waterways, inland and seaports—excluding facilities used for transport of fossil fuel—as well as multimodal transport, not urban, and digitalisation investments aimed at greenhouse gas emission reduction and safety.  

The framework operation is expected to mobilise private and public investments of more than EUR 300 million and aims to support the EU Commission’s Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy in reaching a 90% cut in emissions in the transport sector by 2050. NIB’s framework operation will cover projects in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden and Poland.

This operation is part of the December 2022 agreement between the European Commission and NIB, which was amended in 2024. The agreement is set to unlock up to EUR 994 million of NIB financing for sustainable infrastructure, research, innovation, and digitalisation, potentially mobilising public and private investments totalling around EUR 3 billion. For more information, please visit our InvestEU page.

For further information, please contact

Dmitri Kouznetsov, Director, Head of Public Sector & Utilities, +358505765080, Dmitri.Kouznetsov@nib.int

Lovisa Sommerholt, Associate Banker, +358 10 618 0508, Lovisa.sommerholt@nib.int