Report corruption, misconduct or non-compliance

NIB encourages people to report concerns about:

  • Prohibited practices – fraud, corruption, coercion, collusion, theft, obstruction, money laundering, or terrorist financing in connection with a NIB financed operation or activity.
  • Misconduct – any intentional or negligent failure by a NIB employee to comply with the Bank’s rules.
  • Non-compliance with NIB’s policies – reports by parties being adversely affected by NIB not complying with its Sustainability Policy or Public Information Policy in a NIB financed operation or activity.

Reports are confidential and will be handled in line with the Speaking up and Whistle-blower Protection Policy and the Investigation and Enforcement Policy.

Reports can made in English or in the Nordic and Baltic languages to the Chief Compliance Officer by email, post, phone or in person. The below forms can be used to assist in reporting.

[DK], [EST], [FI], [IS], [LT], [LV], [NO], [SE]

[DK], [EST], [FI], [IS], [LT], [LV], [NO], [SE]

Contact information



For Prohibited Practices and misconduct:

For non-compliance:


+358 10 618 0696

Postal address:

Integrity & Compliance Office
Nordic Investment Bank
Fabianinkatu 34
P.O. Box 249
FI-00171 Helsinki
The envelope shall be marked as “Confidential”.