Report misconduct, corruption and non-compliance


NIB is committed to following good practices and market standards in areas of accountability, transparency and business ethics in order to promote sustainability. Any person suspecting that corruption or any other type of Prohibited Practice (corruption, fraud, coercion, collusion, theft, obstruction, money laundering, and terrorist financing) could have occurred in connection with an NIB financed activity is encouraged to report this allegation to the Bank.

Reporting misconduct and corruption

All alleged cases of internal or external misconduct and Prohibited Practice shall be reported to the Chief Compliance Officer by submitting the “Form for reporting misconduct and corruption”, available in English and the languages of the Nordic and Baltic member countries:

[DK], [EST], [FI], [IS], [LT], [LV], [NO], [SE]


Reporting complaints on non-compliance

If you believe you are or will be adversely affected by a project financed by NIB due to non-compliance with a NIB policy (e.g. the sustainability policy, the public information policy), you may submit a complaint to the Chief Compliance Officer. 

[DK], [EST], [FI], [IS], [LT], [LV], [NO], [SE]


The forms can be submitted by e-mail to the respective addresses listed below or in a sealed envelope to the Chief Compliance Officer. Reports can be submitted anonymously, but the Bank strongly encourages disclosure of identity to facilitate the communication and enable a thorough investigation.

Contact Chief Compliance Officer



corruption (at)

complaints (at)



+358 10 618 0696

Postal address:

Integrity & Compliance Office
Nordic Investment Bank
Fabianinkatu 34
P.O. Box 249
FI-00171 Helsinki

To ensure confidentiality, mark the envelope CONFIDENTIAL