Our year in brief

This is our year in brief. Here, you will find NIB's annual report 2019, our interim reports and other highlights that happen throughout the year.



 Interim Management Statement January-September 2020


During the first nine months of the year, NIB agreed EUR 3.9 billion in new loans, and disbursed EUR 3.5 billion to the borrowers. The results mark a sharp increase compared to the corresponding period last year, mainly due to the Bank’s response to the COVID-19 crisis.

By the end of September, the Bank had raised EUR 7 billion in new funding. The transactions included two Response Bond issues, which will finance projects to mitigate the effects of the pandemic.

Download the interim management statement (unaudited) to learn more about NIB's lending activities and financial results.


 Interim Financial Report January-June 2020


During the six-month period ending 30 June 2020, NIB’s business activities were shaped by the efforts to alleviate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. A historical high of EUR 3.4 billion were agreed in new loans, and EUR 2.8 billion were disbursed to clients.

The Bank raised EUR 5.0 billion in new funding during the first six months of the year. Amongst other transactions, NIB issued its first Response Bond, which will further finance projects that alleviate the social and economic consequences of the pandemic in our member countries.

Download the interim financial report to learn more about NIB's activities and financial results.


NIB Statutory changes


NIB's Nordic and Baltic owner countries have updated the Bank's Statutes. The amended Statutes are in force as of 29 July 2020.

“The banking world has changed immensely during the last ten years. By modernising the Statutes, we have adapted to the developments and secured our strong position for the future. The changes will ensure continued adherence with sound banking principles and help us to maintain our support for the sustainable growth of the Nordic and Baltic countries,” says Henrik Normann, NIB President & CEO.

Summary of the changes

Legal framework


Amendments cover the following areas:

Capital and liquidity management

Abolishment of PIL and MIL loan facilities and increase of authorised capital

Control Committee

Equity participations

Board of Governors Principles for Capital and Liquidity Management


Interim Management Statement January-March 2020


During the three-month period ending 31 March, the COVID-19 pandemic shaped NIB's business activities and its societal role during crisis situations. NIB's owners invited the Bank to provide support to its Nordic-Baltic member countries and sustainable businesses that are affected by the coronavirus outbreak. NIB will increase its lending to this effect, and has issued its inaugural Response Bond to finance such loans.

Download the interim management statement (unaudited) to learn more about NIB's lending activities and financial results.


NIB Activity Report 2019


"We have reached a time in history where we need to make systemic changes to balance the well-being of our societies with the limits of our planet. A transition to low-carbon economies requires global co-operation and actions from everyone, including governments, businesses, financial institutions and individuals like you and me", writes Henrik Normann, NIB's President & CEO in our Activity Report 2019.

Download the Report to learn more about the impact of our lending activities, the Nordic-Baltic operating environment, how we manage our internal operations and our stakeholder engagements. The Report also includes our sustainability reporting according to GRI.


Activity Report 2019


Activity Report 2019


Key highlights

Impact of loans agreed in 2019

NIB Financial Report 2019


In 2019, sustainable finance was higher up on the global agenda than ever before. NIB agreed 55 loans for projects that improve productivity and benefit the environment, and invested in nine green bonds, altogether amounting to EUR 3,316 million. 98% of loans agreed were assessed to have a "good" or "excellent" impact in at least one of the Bank's two mandates.

Disbursements were EUR 2,676 million. The net profit came to EUR 182 million, and NIB's Board of Directors proposes that EUR 45 million be paid in dividends to the Bank's Nordic and Baltic member countries for the year.


NIB Financial Report 2019


NIB Financial Report 2019


Key highlights 2019

EUR 3,316 million in loans agreed

EUR 2,676 million disbursed

EUR 4.9 billion raised in new funding

EUR 45 million proposed in dividends



Loans disbursed in 2019: EUR 2,676 million

Geographical distribution
Column 1
Non-member countries1%

Loans agreed in 2019 by economic category


NIB Environmental Bond Report 2019


In 2019, NIB issued its first SEK 2 billion Nordic-Baltic Blue Bond to address water-related challenges in our member countries. In addition, a EUR 500 million Environmental Bond was also issued.

Throughout the year, the Bank remained engaged in several external initiatives to promote sustainable finance, and became a signatory to the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI). 

Download our NIB Environmental Bond Report 2019 on the right to read more about our bond issuance and the environmental impact of the projects we financed.

More information on NIB Environmental Bonds


Key highlights 2019

EUR 693 million in NEBs issued

First Nordic-Baltic Blue Bond issued

13 ex-post assessments carried out to follow up on project impact

Participation in international efforts to develop the green bond market


Total NEB issuance in 2019

NEB investors 2019, by investor type

Asset managers37%
Pension & insurance23%
Central Banks14%

NEB investors 2019, by geographical region

Europe (excl. Nordics)49%
Asia (excl. Japan)10%

Graphs include all projects financed under the NEB Framework in 2019. The NEB Framework covers both Environmental Bonds and Nordic-Baltic Blue Bonds.


Impact of NEB-financed projects 2011-2019



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