Our year in brief

This is our year in brief. Here, you will find an overview of NIB's annual reporting and other highlights that happen throughout the year.



NIB's Financial Report 2018


NIB contributes to the prosperity and sustainability of the Nordic-Baltic region by providing long-term loans to its customers. In 2018, NIB recorded the highest lending volumes in its history. The demand for long-term financing was particularly strong for projects that improve productivity. During the year, the Bank also increased its lending to Arctic and Baltic projects, as well as to SMEs via financial intermediaries.

Download our Financial Report 2018 to learn more about the Bank's activities and financial results.




Financial Report 2018


Key figures 2018

EUR 4,330 million in loans agreed

EUR 4,047 million in loans disbursed

EUR 6.6 billion raised in new funding

EUR 40 million in dividends proposed

Loans agreed 18
Mission fulfilment



 NIB Environmental Bond Report 2018


In 2018, NIB issued an NIB Environmental Bond (NEB) for EUR 500 million. With the transaction, the Bank further anchored its status as a leading Nordic-Baltic issuer of environmental bonds.

"During the year, we updated our criteria for selecting environmental projects and improved our impact reporting on project level", says Lars Eibeholm, NIB's Head of Treasury.

Download our NIB Environmental Bond Report 2018 to learn more about the Bank's activity on the green bond market and the impact of NEB-financing.



Key figures 2018

EUR 500 million in NEBs issued

164,465 tons of CO2e reduced annually 

415 GWh added in increased renewable energy generation per year


NEB-financed projects in 2018, by category

Renewable energy55%
Green buildings25%
Energy efficiency12%
Clean transport solutions5%
Water & waste management4%

NEB-financed projects in 2018, by country



Total impact of NEB-financed projects 2011-2018




Renewable energy





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