Photo: Jussi Hellsten

Photo: Jussi Hellsten

8 Jul 2021

NIB at SuomiAreena in Helsinki

On Wednesday 14 July, NIB will co-arrange a breakfast debate about the Baltic Sea and regenerative farming at Finland's political summer festival SuomiAreena at Kappeli, Esplanade Park in Helsinki, Finland.

The debate is part of the SuomiAreena, organised by the City of Pori and Finnish commercial TV-channel MTV3. The languages of the event are Finnish and Swedish.

Please find the invitation here in Finnish and Swedish.

Agriculture is Finland’s most significant source of nutrient loads to the Baltic Sea. Food production and agriculture are facing a wide range of sustainability challenges, such as climate change, biodiversity loss, disrupted nutrient cycles and poor economic viability, which regenerative farming offers solutions for. Regenerative agriculture improves soil quality, productivity and benefits farmers, food industry and guide consumers making sustainable choices.

NIB will talk about the method of regenerative agriculture that improves soil health without harming the environment. Good harvests do not require artificial additives, but a healthy balance and understanding of the soil's vitality. This makes agriculture sustainable and profitable in the long run.

NIB is arranging the debate together with Nordic Council of Ministers and Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (Nefco). The event is arranged in cooperation with Baltic Sea Action Group, Fazer and Knehtilän Luomutuote Oy. 

The panelists are:

Laura Höijer, Content Director at Baltic Sea Action Group
Markus Eerola
, farmer and owner of Knehtilä farm
Lara Saulo
, Managing Director at Fazer Bakery
Lena Korkea-aho
, Senior Environmental Analyst at NIB
Dennis Hamro-Drotz
, Senior Investment Manager at Nefco and event moderator

Welcome to participate in the vivid discussion and at the same time enjoy breakfast! You can also follow the discussion through a live-steam. 

For more information, please contact:

Iiris Anttalainen, Junior Communications Officer at, phone +358 10 618 0258