22 Apr 2020

Organisational changes at NIB

In order to further strengthen the Nordic Investment Bank and to adhere to sound banking practices, the President has decided on some organisational changes at NIB.

The new organisation will facilitate the succession planning due to the change of Presidency in March 2021 and the decision of two senior leaders to leave the Bank. Thomas Wrangdahl, First Vice-President, Head of Lending, will retire and Lars Eibeholm, Vice-President, Head of Treasury, is moving to a new job in Denmark.

The new organisation will be introduced at the latest by 31 August 2020, and it does not imply any redundancies at NIB.

There will be six departments instead of the current seven departments.


The Lending department will cover (on top of its current functions) the Analysis function (currently under Credit & Analysis). Søren Mortensen will be the Acting Head of Lending.

Risk & Compliance

The Risk & Compliance department will cover all Risk functions together with Compliance and Business Continuity. Hilde Kjelsberg will be heading the Risk & Compliance department as the Chief Risk Officer.

Treasury & Finance

The Treasury & Finance department will cover Treasury and Finance. The Bank's Sustainability and Mandate Unit will be moved as being part of President & CEO department. Björn Ordell will be heading the Treasury & Finance as the Chief Financial Officer.

IT & Business Services

The IT & Business Services department will cover IT and most of the current Business Services functions. HR will be part of President & CEO department and Business Continuity & Security part of Risk & Compliance. Gunnar Okk will be heading the IT & Business Services as the Chief Operating Officer.

Sustainability & Mandate and Human Resources will be part of the President and CEO department on top of the current Communications and Internal Audit units.