10 Dec 2019

Watch our COP25 debate on Sustainable finance - the Nordic way

The path we are on is not sustainable regarding the limits of our planet. If nobody slows us down, we may be on a highway to hell. What is the best way for the Nordics to reduce global emissions? Is building battery factories in Swedish Lapland the answer? What are the implications for sustainable finance? Should finance ministers get their act together? Is there any Nordic value-added in the debate?

These were the topics discussed during our COP25 debate 'Sustainable finance - the Nordic way', a joint event between Stockholm and Madrid. Watch the discussion here:

Kjell Nilsson, Director, Nordregio
Susanna Campbell, Member of the Board, Northvolt
Thomas Wrangdahl, First Vice President and Head of Lending, NIB
Nicholas Stern, Professor, London School of Economic and Political Science  

Moderator in Stockholm: Jukka Ahonen, Head of Communications, NIB
Host in Madrid: Pekka Morén, Co-chair (Sherpas), Coalition of Finance Ministers for Climate Action

The debate is part of the Nordic Climate Actions weeks in Stockholm, arranged by the Nordic Council of Ministers in connection to UNFCCC's 25th climate change negotiations (COP25) in Madrid. NIB and NEFCO organized a Financing and Climate Investments day as part of the event.