25 Oct 2019

Procurement: Reconstruction of the Brest Wastewater Treatment Plant

An invitation for tenders for Contract A1-7 of the Reconstruction of the Brest Wastewater Treatment Plant project concerning the "Elimination of Biological Ponds" has been published in English and Russian.

Communal Production Unitary Enterprise "Brestvodokanal" intends to use the proceeds of a loan from NIB towards the costs of Contract A1-7 "Elimination of Biological Ponds at Brest Wastewater Treatment Plant".

The biological ponds at the Brest wastewater plant have been used for the final settling of wastewater before discharge to the River Bug, and now will be cleaned and closed in a controlled manner.

Brestvodokanal invites sealed tenders from eligible tenderers to be delivered on or before Monday, 25 November 2019 at 09:00 local time in Brest, Belarus.

Reconstruction of Brest Wastewater Treatment Plant Contract A1-7 tender invitaiton (ENG)

Проект «реконструкция очистных сооружений канализации г. Бреста» Приглашение к участию в тендере Контракт a1-7 Ликвидация биопрудов (RUS)

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