NIB visiting the Mälaren combined heat and power plant in Västerås.

NIB visiting the Mälaren combined heat and power plant in Västerås.

21 Oct 2019

NIB funding renewable heat and power production in Västerås, Sweden

NIB and the Swedish city of Västerås have signed a framework agreement for an uncommitted credit facility to be able to co-finance the municipality's phasing out of fossil fuels in its heat and power generation.

The SEK 850 million (EUR 82.6 million) loan facility is part of the investments by the municipality’s subsidiary energy company Mälarenergi AB in a new combined heat and power (CHP) plant.

The new unit, which will be fuelled by wood and biomass, will replace the use of coal and oil. This will complete the transition to biofuels for heat and power generation in Västerås, as fossil fuels will no longer be used in the operations.

The new CHP plant will contribute to an increase of around 25% in annual electricity production, whilst also maintaining the same level of heat production as prior to the implementation.

The total project cost is SEK 1.7 billion (around EUR 165 million). Initial work has already started, and the project is scheduled for completion by 2020.

Västerås is the seventh largest municipality in Sweden. It was ranked by Swedish environmental media as the best environmental municipality in the country this year, and as the best energy municipality in 2016.

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