4 Sep 2019

NIB, NEFCO and NDF at Nordic Council meeting in Helsinki

On Tuesday, 3 September, the representatives of the Nordic Finance Group presented their organisations and contributions to environmental financing at the Nordic Council meeting at Finland’s Parliament in Helsinki.

Henrik Normann (NIB's President & CEO), Trond Moe (Managing Director of NEFCO) and Karin Isaksson (Managing Director of NDF) addressed the Committee for a Sustainable Nordic Region and the Committee for Growth and Development in the Nordic Region. The presentations focused on the missions and operations of NIB, NDF and NEFCO, and how they cooperate and differ in terms of ownership, investors, financing and customers.

The meeting was hosted by Ketil Kjenseth, Chair of the Nordic Council Committee for a Sustainable Nordic Region and Chair of the Standing Committee on Energy and the Environment in the Norwegian Parliament.

“The Nordic countries are targeting a 40% reduction of climate emissions by 2030, which is a huge task. The finance sector is growing and digitalising, and financing is increasingly becoming green. We therefore want to understand which instruments we already have in our Nordic tool box to better understand how to prepare for the future and further cooperation,” Ketil Kjenseth said.

Later the same day, the Swedish delegation to the Nordic Council visited NIB.

Nordic Council meeting

NIB, NEFCO and NDF at the Nordic Council meeting in Helsinki. Photo: Arild Moen.