22 Feb 2019

Climate experts from the Ministries of Finance at NIB

The Finance Ministry Coalition for Climate Action is holding a working group meeting in Helsinki on 21 & 22 February 2019. NIB organised a seminar for the participants at the Bank’s premises on the first meeting day. The topics discussed included the role of IFIs in climate financing and the frameworks for green financing.

The working group consists of senior officials representing finance ministers, the World Bank Secretariat and, among other institutions, the IMF, OECD and UN organisations. The coalition builds on discussions that were held at the World Bank / IMF climate finance ministerial meeting in Bali in October 2018. The coalition of finance ministries was formed at the meeting to serve as a forum for discussion and for exchanging experiences and insights on climate fiscal policies.

One goal of the work group meeting in Helsinki is to involve finance ministers more in the climate processes. Finland’s Minister of Finance and NIB Governor, Mr Petteri Orpo, is co-chairing the meeting.

Read more about the meeting in Helsinki in a column written by Petteri Orpo.