2 May 2018

NIB renews website

In early May, NIB renewed its website to further improve user experience and the availability of information resources. The new architecture streamlines the site navigation and makes it more intuitive.

“We hope that our visitors will enjoy their journey through the new site. Keeping the visitors’ attention, maintaining a dialogue with them is the only way how we can make sure our message is reaching the target. The renewal of the website is also part of an endeavour to upgrade the Bank’s communications and further improve the tools for customer and investor relations”, says Jukka Ahonen, Senior Director, Head of Communications at NIB.

The most significant changes have been made to the chapters presenting the Bank and its lending operations. The new architecture of the website is less hierarchical and builds on a shorter and more see-through navigation menu, which aims at a more intuitive user experience on the site. This approach has allowed for more engaging content on a smaller number of pages.

“We tried to put ourselves in the shoes of our customers, investors, our member countries’ authorities, jobseekers and other key target groups to realise what information they may need to receive through NIB’s channels. The website renewal greatly benefitted from customer journey mapping, conducted ahead of it, and was only possible thanks to genuinely close collaboration between the Bank’s departments for the entire length of the project”, says Dimitrijs Alehins, Senior Communications Specialist in charge of the website project.