Fibre optic splicer machine

Fibre optic splicer machine

25 Apr 2018

NIB finances municipal infrastructure investments in Karlskrona, Sweden

NIB and the municipality of Karlskrona have signed a ten-year loan facility of SEK 165 million (EUR 16 million) to finance the expansion of the local fibre optic network and investments in water and wastewater management.

The expansion of the local water network in Karlskrona will support the sustainable supply of freshwater and enable effective distribution to around 465 households.

Further, the expansion of the local wastewater network will help to connect the coastal areas to the sewage system and is expected to reduce discharges of untreated or poorly treated wastewater into the Baltic Sea.

The third project under the loan facility will increase access to fibre-based broadband internet in the municipality, which contributes to the implementation of Sweden’s national digitalisation strategy.

The municipality of Karlskrona is located in southern Sweden on the Baltic Sea coast and currently has a population of approximately 67,000.

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