Solar panels

Solar panels

23 Apr 2018

NIB partners with “Nordic Green to Scale” climate project in the Baltic countries

NIB has joined forces with the pan-Nordic Green to Scale initiative in organising climate events in the Baltic capitals.

Green to Scale is a series of analysis projects that highlight the potential of scaling up existing climate solutions. The latest project focuses on two regions: the Baltic countries, Poland and Ukraine in Europe; and Kenya and Ethiopia in East Africa.

The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra is hosting the project secretariat. CONCITO (Denmark), CICERO (Norway), and the University of Iceland are represented in the steering group. The project work was carried out by a consortium led by SEI Tallinn Centre, supported by local research institutions in the target countries.

The Nordic Council of Ministers (NCM) has included Green to Scale in its Prime Ministers’ Initiative.

“The project demonstrates how existing solutions could be scaled up in order to reap tangible benefits for the climate. It also combines the Nordic and Baltic perspectives, which makes us a natural partner for the events. Furthermore, the solutions need long-term financing, which NIB can provide“, says Jukka Ahonen, Head of Communications at NIB.

The recently published “Green to Scale” report covers the emission reduction potential, costs and savings, as well as country-specific policy recommendations for the target countries to harness the potential. The key results of the analysis will be presented at the national release events.

For more information on the Nordic Green to Scale release events, please click the links below:

30 April 2018: Tallinn, Estonia

29 May 2018: Vilnius, Lithuania

30 May 2018: Riga, Latvia