Kristianstad Wastewater treatment plant

Kristianstad Wastewater treatment plant

21 Sep 2017

NIB opens water infrastructure credit line with the Municipality of Kristianstad, Sweden

NIB and the Municipality of Kristianstad have signed a new loan programme for financing wastewater and water investments.

The credit facility totals SEK 500 million (EUR 52 million) and will be used to expand the central wastewater treatment plant and network, as well as constructing and upgrading freshwater plants during 2017–2021. The credit facility has a 21-year maturity.

The expansion of the central wastewater treatment plant will increase the capacity by 27%, to 260,000 person equivalents. This will enable Kristianstad to handle an intensified waste water load, mainly from new industrial facilities and new residential development.

Investments in the WWTP will also increase its biogas production capacity for internal heating.

The loan will also finance the construct of new freshwater plants in Tollarp and Gärds Köpinge, and upgrades to the plants in Önnestad, Vånga and Kristianstad.

“The investments in Kristianstad’s municipal wastewater and water services will increase access to public services and have a positive impact on productivity“, says Henrik Normann, NIB President & CEO.

Situated in southern Sweden, Kristianstad is a municipality in Skåne with a population of about 83,000 inhabitants. The economy consists of trade and industry, with a large number of small and medium-sized companies. Manufacturing is the largest industry and employs nearly a third of the working population. The main business area is food, drinks and beverages. About 6% of the labour force works in the agricultural sector.

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