Our year in brief

This is our year in brief. Here, you will find NIB's annual report 2021, our interim reports and other highlights that happen throughout the year.

NIB Interim Management Statement Jan - Sep 2022


During the nine month period from January to September, NIB has seen a significant increase in demand for the Bank’s financing. NIB signed EUR 2,613 million in new loans and disbursed EUR 2,883 million to its clients, compared to EUR 880 million and EUR 1,646 million respectively in the same period in 2021.

To meet the demand for our financing, the Bank has raised EUR 8.1 billion in new funding by end September. In the third quarter, NIB issued its second global USD benchmark for the year, a five-year USD 1.25 billion bond.

The net profit from the period January to September amounted to EUR 84 million compared to EUR 124 million in 2021.

NIB Interim Financial Report Jan - Jun 2022


During the first half of 2022, NIB has seen a significant increase in demand for its financing. The Bank agreed a total of EUR 2,203 million in new loans and disbursed EUR 2,142 million, compared to EUR 664 million and EUR 1,266 million respectively in the same period in 2021.

To meet the demand for financing, NIB had a record amount of funding transactions. The Bank raised EUR 5.5 billion in new funding in the first six months of the year.

The net profit for the period amounted to EUR 39 million, compared to EUR 82 million in 2021. The decrease in net profit is mainly due to unrealised fair value losses on financial instruments used for hedging purposes.

The Bank’s triple-A rating was reaffirmed by Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s in April.

NIB Interim Management Statement Jan - Mar 2022


During January to March, NIB saw a strong demand for its long-term financing. The Bank agreed EUR 1,222 million in new loans (EUR 257 million in the corresponding period in 2021) and disbursed EUR 1,107 million to its clients (EUR 725 million in the same period one year ago).

In the first quarter of 2022, NIB raised EUR 4.2 billion in new funding. Amongst other transactions, the Bank issued its first DKK denominated NIB Environmental Bond (NEB) as well as a three-year USD 1.25 million benchmark bond.

The net profit for the period amounted to EUR 21 million. NIB remains in a strong financial position and stands ready to work with its clients and member countries in these challenging times invoked by the Russian aggression in Ukraine.

NIB Impact Report 2021


In 2021, NIB marked 45 years of operations. The anniversary coincided with the appointments of the Bank’s new President & CEO André Küüsvek as well as new CFO Kim Skov Jensen.

After record lending volumes due to COVID-19 response in the previous year, 2021 remained busy: NIB launched its new Sustainability Policy as well as Responsible Investment Framework, expanded its lending bond investments and started offering sustainability-linked loans to its clients. At the end of the year, NIB’s Board of Directors reviewed the Bank’s strategy to further accelerate the delivery of NIB’s mission.

Download NIB Impact Report 2021 to learn about our updated strategy and future focus, lending and funding activities, internal operations management and more.

The Report follows sustainability reporting practices according to Global Reporting Initiative, the Principles for Responsible Banking, and the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures. It also includes the first assessment of the estimated alignment of our NIB Environmental Bonds (NEB) project categories with the EU taxonomy.

Key highlights 2021

Business strategy review completed

Sustainability policy updated

Sustainability-linked loans launched

EU Taxonomy alignment for NEB categories

NIB since 1976

NIB Financial Report 2021


Last year, NIB’s lending volumes returned to its normal level after the record year in 2020, when the Bank paid out a historically high amount in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2021, NIB disbursed a total of EUR 2,440 million, of which EUR 340 million was paid out as Response Loans. 97% of the mandate-rated disbursements were assessed to have a “good” or “excellent” impact on productivity and/or the environment.

NIB raised new funding in nominal value of EUR 6.9 billion through 71 transactions. The Bank marked its 10th anniversary in the sustainable bond market and issued three NIB Environmental Bonds in an amount of EUR 898 million.

The net profit for the year amounted to EUR 159 million. The Bank did not record any realised loan losses.

NIB’s Board of Directors is proposing to distribute EUR 40 million in dividends to the Bank’s Nordic and Baltic member countries.

 Key highlights 2021

EUR 2,440 million in loans disbursed

New funding in nominal value of EUR 6.9 billion

97% mandate fulfillment

EUR 40 million proposed in dividends

Loans disbursed in 2021, by economic category

%, based on disbursed and mandate-rated loans, excluding labelled bond investments



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