Working at NIB

Our goal is to provide a sustainable working environment for our staff. We want our work to make a difference, and value skills development and learning.

Our work community

  • Total number of employees: 244
  • Total number of permanent employees: 229
  • Managers (permanent): 14 women and 28 men
  • Average length of employment: 11.09 years
  • Average number of training hours per employee: 12.4
  • Exit turnover rate: 7.0%
  • Nationalities: 33

Our values


  • We aim for a high level of professionalism and efficiency.
  • We are forward-looking and proactive.
  • We keep up-to-date with changes in the business environment and take responsibility for our own professional development.
  • We are transparent in our actions and apply good governance.
  • We care about how we do business and the impact our actions and behaviour have on people, society and the environment.
  • We respect diversity and the principles of equality.
  • We support each other by sharing information, knowledge, skills and experiences.
  • We cooperate with our customers on the basis of sound banking principles, creating mutual value.
  • We encourage constructive discussions to reach common goals.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

For NIB, a sustainable workplace means that we trust and respect each other. We are committed to promoting fair and equal treatment of all our employees, and aim for a balanced diversity among our staff. We support inclusion and strive to prevent discrimination and harassment. The foundation of these values are set out in NIB’s Code of Conduct, our Staff Regulations and other staff-related documents.

We are taking concrete actions on these matters, and NIB has an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Plan in place. For the period of 2022–2024, the Plan focuses on a diversified workforce, wellbeing at work and flexible ways of working, and increasing organisational awareness, accountability and transparency in diversity and inclusion matters.


What equality means to us:

For us, equality is about ensuring that all employees are treated fairly. We strive to provide our staff equal opportunities to make the most of their professional development and talents. No one shall be discriminated against on the basis of sex, gender identity, age, nationality, ethnic origin, disability, family status, sexual orientation, religion, health, political views or any other comparable circumstance.


What diversity means to us:

Diversity refers to our people’s social, cultural and professional identities. A diverse staff has a broader base of knowledge, skills and experience, and mirrors the diversity among our customers and markets. We pursue diversity because it contributes to an innovative work environment. We see differences as a strength and an opportunity.


What inclusion means to us:

We promote an inclusive working environment, and aim to provide equal opportunities and resources for people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalised. All employees are to be treated with dignity and respect. Everyone at NIB shall seek to maintain a harmonious and collegial work environment.


What matters to us

Our employees are one of our most important assets. Without highly skilled personnel, we cannot reach our targets and fulfil the Bank’s mission. This was also the message from our external stakeholders, who consider NIB’s professional staff to be one of the Bank’s strengths.

We regularly conduct work engagement surveys among our staff. The purpose is to collect feedback on the work environment, management and well-being at work.

The most recent survey showed that NIB’s employees value each other’s commitment and team spirit, as well as supervisory work. Our staff also stated that they feel a sense of purpose working for a bank with a sustainability mandate.

The work engagement survey is also one of the pillars of our materiality process.

Wellbeing, health and safety at work

We promote wellbeing, health and safety in our working environment. NIB offers extensive health and medical care for its staff. NIB has an Occupational Health Care Action Plan and occupational healthcare service provider.

Our staff are granted pregnancy, parental and childcare leave according to Finnish legislation and provisions of Kela, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland. Read more here. Once parents’ right to parental leave has ended, parents can choose either municipal or private day care for their child or child home care allowance. All children under school age are entitled to early childhood education and care.

Employee wellbeing, mental health and occupational safety are also a core aspect of NIB’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the Bank’s handling of health and safety during the pandemic received an excellent scoring in the most recent work engagement survey. Our actions include provisions for remote working and ergonomic services at home. Our aim is to build a positive and safe working environment under changing conditions. 

Our initiatives and cooperations

Training and development

We value our employees’ dedication to continuously develop their skills. NIB offers various training opportunities to support our people’s professional growth and to enhance their ability to address future work challenges and changes in the way we work.

In addition, seminars are arranged periodically for the whole staff on topics such as financial market developments, collateral, bonds and bond markets, emissions trading schemes, gender aspects, and IT development.

The average number of training hours per employee was 12.4 in 2023.

Career development

NIB encourages individual career planning for its staff. For this purpose, personal appraisal and development discussions between supervisors and employees are held at least twice a year. 

NIB offers job rotation possibilities across different departments within the Bank to support career development. 

For employees who have been working at the Bank for several years, NIB provides the opportunity to participate in a career counselling programme. The programme gives employees the chance to reflect on their career development, strengths and weaknesses as well as their self-leadership skills.

Another initiative that is currently in development will focus on young professionals at NIB. The programme will aim to provide tools relevant for the finance industry, and to support career development and networking.

Traineeships at NIB

NIB offers traineeship programmes for young professionals, usually students or recent graduates. Every year, the Bank welcomes a number of trainees to support its different units in their daily tasks.

The traineeship periods vary, but typically start around the summer. As with other regular positions at NIB, the Bank helps international candidates with relocation and assists in finding suitable accommodation.

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