Our people

The staff at NIB consists of some 240 experts from the Nordic and Baltic countries, as well as from outside the membership area. We all work under one roof in the heart of Helsinki, the capital of Finland, and our working language is English.

Our skilled colleagues and the international scope of NIB’s projects set the baseline for our corporate culture. Our values are competence, commitment and cooperation. We hold them in high regard and aim for high levels of competence and professionalism.

Work community

Our work is based on sustainability. We care about how we do business, and we care about our staff. At the end of 2023, NIB had a total of 244 employees.

We are a close and friendly community based in one location in the heart of Helsinki, Finland.

Marcos Esteves, Senior HR Business Partner at NIB

Skills development

At NIB, we provide our employees with various training opportunities to help them advance in their roles and in their personal growth.

“I believe that the ability to learn will be one of the most valuable skills in the future. We support our employees by providing both individual and group-based trainings. The continuous development of our staff’s skills is of great importance to us,” says Marcos Esteves, Senior HR Business Partner at NIB.

We encourage our employees to take part in job rotation possibilities across departments within the Bank to support their career development. Further, we provide language training in English, Swedish and Finnish, as well as other work-related languages if needed.

Employee voices

My Vu

Business Support Officer

My position at NIB
I work in the Lending and Treasury Administration as a Business Support Officer. While my main responsibility is collateral management, I also participate in other tasks of the team such as processing financial instruments traded in NIB’s Treasury department and executing payments for both Treasury and Lending transactions. This includes control of transactions and confirmations for all desks and transaction types.

What NIB’s mission means to me
What makes NIB unique to me is its mission to finance projects to improve productivity and benefit the environment of the Nordic and Baltic countries. It is reflected in the way all NIB loans are carefully analyzed in terms of their project impact to the environment and productivity. This sustainability approach to business not only is a responsible business principle but also shows that NIB strives for a more stable and secure environment for its long-term prosperity.

Why I applied
I was still studying when I first joined the Bank as a Trainee in the Treasury Middle Office unit. Even though the Traineeship was only for a short time, I realized how much I had learned from my colleagues at NIB and developed. Aiming at learning more about the Bank and obtained a better comprehension of the big picture, I later joined the Back Office to continue my journey with NIB.

What I like most about my job
The tasks in my unit require a lot of teamwork and collaboration, which I personally enjoy a lot. The culturally diverse working environment in NIB offer the opportunity for me to learn from colleagues of different background, which in turns brings out quite a lot of fresh ideas and inspiration.

What I like about Helsinki
Helsinki offers a wide range of great events for people with different interests. There are interesting museums, wonderful food events and music festivals all around the city, especially during the summer when the sun hardly sets. I also enjoy the possibility to escape into the nature occasionally, as forests, seaside, and islands are not far from the city centre.

Ankit Sharma

Senior Solution Specialist

My position at NIB
I work in NIB’s IT Application Development & Support Unit, Business & IT Services Department. My focus is primarily on developing new functionality for the use of NIB’s Treasury in accordance with industry standards and the Bank’s business requirements. In addition, my work involves improving development processes and automation as well as working with multiple vendors to make sure the application services are delivered with the highest quality for the whole Bank.

What NIB’s mission means to me
NIB’s mission to fund projects that benefit the environment appeals to me as it addresses the global crisis of climate change. Our mission motivates me as the climate crisis affects us all; the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe.

Why I applied
I was offered to join NIB’s IT team and work on a large-scale IT implementation project in 2018. Before joining NIB, I had been working as a consultant for multiple banks for years and decided to work for a Bank directly. This has allowed me to start understanding how a bank works beyond IT as well as getting a better grasp of its different functions.

What I like most about my job
I love that I am entrusted with exciting tasks that keep me engaged and motivated. I also have a great degree of autonomy in my job. This has allowed me to step up and be involved in many challenging projects. It is also interesting to work with colleagues from various cultural backgrounds and see how different perspectives & ideas results into improved innovation. During the pandemic, I have also been grateful for NIB’s flexibility as an employer.

What I like about Helsinki
Coming from a tropical country myself, it thrills me to live in Helsinki and enjoy winter activities in and outside the city and relaxing in a sauna afterwards. The metropolitan area itself is quite dense but in very close vicinity to peaceful and quiet nature that I regularly visit for trekking. In summer, I really enjoy exploring the architectural marvels of the city by bike.


Igors Kasjanovs

Senior Economist

My position at NIB
I work in the Sustainability and Mandate unit as a productivity mandate analyst. In my everyday work, I analyse the projects financed by NIB from the perspective of economic impacts – both on the financed counterparties and, perhaps even more importantly, on the other stakeholders surrounding the project (customers, suppliers, employees, market environment, and the economy as a whole).

What NIB’s mission means to me
NIB’s mission is at the heart of the Bank’s operations and, more personally, the main reason why I joined the Bank. Working as an economist, you rarely see the outcome of your work. In the case of my work at NIB, by living and travelling in the Nordic-Baltic region, I can observe the real-life impacts that the financing provided by NIB has.

Why I applied
I joined NIB in the autumn of 2017. Before applying, I knew about the existence of NIB, but was not aware of the Bank’s mission and mandate. It felt right to me to join a financial institution that is driven not only exclusively by classical market principles, but also has an overarching purpose embedded in all the operations of the Bank of creating a more prosperous and sustainable living environment for Nordic-Baltic society.

What I like most about my job
The diversity of the projects that I have to work with is truly exciting. In any given time, I’m working on analysing multiple projects in various locations and from different sectors of the economy. In my work process, I can meet highly knowledgeable professionals from the respective industries and have incredibly valuable conversations with CEOs and CFOs of the companies. That helps me to learn and gain insight that I would not be able to get anywhere else.

What I like about Helsinki
I feel very comfortable living in Helsinki. For me, as a bit of an introvert, it is important that I can avoid crowds, but at the same time retain access to high-level public services. That being said, the most important part of Helsinki for me is the closeness to nature. Amazingly, in 15 minutes, you can reach forests, lakes, islands and submerge yourself in the wilderness of Nordic nature. And even in the city centre and the suburbs, there is enough greenery to feel comfortable.


Svetlana Bryazgina

Senior Risk Analyst

My position at NIB
I work in the Risk Management, Capital and Portfolio Credit Risk Unit, focusing on monitoring and reporting the Bank’s risks on a portfolio level. Our team also performs the Bank’s Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process (ICAAP), including Regulatory Capital and Economic Capital calculations. Moreover, I participate in various projects aimed at developing the Bank’s methodologies, processes, policies, and systems.

What NIB’s mission means to me
NIB’s mission is to support productivity and the environment in the Nordic and Baltic regions. However, the Bank does not only care about the impact of projects from the perspective of sustainability, but it also cares about its employees: from ergonomics and wellbeing at the workplace to continuous professional development, such as the possibility to attend business conferences, training courses, professional certification training and participate in job rotation. This is very much in line with my life pillars.

Why I applied
I joined the bank a few months after I moved from Switzerland to Helsinki. The deal broker for me was working in the risk management department of the International Financial Institution that aims to support the Nordic-Baltic region’s development.

What I like the most about my job
I really enjoy being part of the dynamic risk management unit. We are actually in the middle of everything, supporting NIB’s business model, strategic goals and mission. I am also fortunate to be surrounded by top risk professionals, sharing knowledge and experience with them on a continuous basis.

What I like about Helsinki
I have just recently relocated to Helsinki with my family. What I really like about the city is that it is a very child-friendly place. I also like the surrounding nature. One of my favourite places is Nuuksio National Park where you can have a nice walk, have a picnic, or pick berries and mushrooms.

Life in Helsinki


Helsinki is a Nordic capital with Nordic-level living standards. Finland scores well on surveys that measure the overall quality of life, and Helsinki ranks amongst the most liveable cities across the globe. Good public healthcare and one of the highest levels of education in the world make it a great place to call home.

Helsinki is a lively city surrounded by 100 kilometres of coastline. In the past couple of years several new public saunas, seaside bars and recreation areas have emerged with a short distance to nearby islands perfect for day trips and exploring.

Helsinki offers many wonderful museums, free playgrounds and sport centres to choose from, and the public transport network is convenient to use—even with small children. English is widely spoken, making it easy to blend in with the locals.

Internationally renowned for its design and architecture, Helsinki has a rich culture that is fast evolving. Music, food and art are appreciated all year round—from high culture events to local festivals, there is always plenty going on.

To take a break from city life many retreat to their summer cottage during holidays. That’s the essence of living in Helsinki; despite having the energetic feel of a capital, nature is never far away.

NIB’s legal status

Based on NIB’s legal status as an international financial institution, the Bank has established its own provisions for its employees. National legislation procedures under which collective bargaining takes place are not applicable to NIB. There are, however, some defined exceptions, particularly with regard to the host country Finland’s legislation for taxation, social security and pensions. 

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