We believe that active communication with our stakeholders and the general public is an integral part of good business and administration. Our guiding principles are accountability, clarity, efficiency and transparency, as well as interaction with stakeholders. NIB regularly updates the list of newly agreed loans and funding transactions—links to the corresponding resources are provided below. On this page, we publish information about projects with potentially extensive social and environmental impacts, also known as category A projects, procurement notices and information about NIB-administered trust funds.

Category A projects for public disclosure

Projects with potentially extensive social and environmental impacts are made publicly available for comment before the Bank decides on financing the project. Project summaries are available on this website for a period of 30 days. Only after this public consultation will NIB’s Board of Directors makes a decision on the project.

Your feedback is important to us!

Please send your comments to info@nib.int with “Category A project” in the subject field.

Sustainability Policy

Procurement notices

The Bank is keen on providing suppliers, contractors and consultants with information on tendering for procurement related to projects financed by NIB or other IFIs within the area of NIB’s mission-driven operations.

Contract award notification

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Procurement guidelines

Public consultation

NIB held a public consultation during the process of updating the Bank’s Sustainability Policy. The consultation was open for 30 days. After the consultation, NIB considered the contributions received for possible amendments to the document and responded the contributors prior to launching the policy. The contributions and NIB’s responses have been published on the public consultation page.

Trust funds

NIB’s member countries, the Northern Dimension Environmental Partnership (NDEP), and the Northern Dimension Partnership on Transport and Logistics (NDPTL) engage NIB as one of the channels through which technical assistance and capital grants are allocated to projects in the regions adjacent to the member countries. NIB administers the following trust funds.

Trust funds for general project allocations: 

NIB-NEFCO Finnish Technical Assistance Trust Fund—a fund for preparation of projects in the Northern Dimension area, including Russia, with special emphasis on areas neighbouring Finland. Preference is given to projects in infrastructure, environment, forestry and forest industries. The Finnish government is represented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

NIB-NEFCO BSAP Technical Assistance Trust Fund—a technical assistance trust fund for project development and preparation as well as associated institutional support for the implementation of the Baltic Sea Action Plan. NIB and NEFCO jointly manage the fund. Finland and Sweden have made contributions. The Finnish government is represented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Swedish government is represented by the Ministry of the Environment and the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management.

Sida-NIB Sustainable Municipal Technical Cooperation Fund—a Swedish technical assistance trust fund for the development, monitoring and supervision of potential projects in the field of municipal development in Eastern European countries qualified as recipients of official development aid, and in Russia. The Swedish government is represented by Sida

NDPTL Support Fund—a fund to allow for effective delivery of financial support to NDPTL projects, in the form of technical assistance, project development, preparation and implementation. So far, contributions have been made by Finland, Germany, Norway and the European Union.

Trust funds for specific project allocations:

Four Swedish technical assistance trust funds for project preparation and implementation in four environmental projects in Russia and Belarus: the rehabilitation of water and environmental services in Kaliningrad; an end to direct discharges of untreated wastewater in St Petersburg; and the reconstruction and upgrading of wastewater services in Grodno and Brest, Belarus. The Swedish government is represented by Sida.
Four technical assistance support trust funds allocated by the NDEP to NIB as an implementing agency.

The first is aimed at preparation and implementation of a Leningrad Oblast water project for the rehabilitation of water distribution and wastewater treatment. The second supports the Vodokanal of St Petersburg project for the reconstruction of the Northern Wastewater Treatment Plant and construction of a pumping station that will decrease the discharge of untreated effluents into the river Neva. The third and fourth are for the reconstruction and upgrading of wastewater services in Grodno and Brest, Belarus.

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