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Loans disclosed here do not include green bond investments or individual allocations of lending facilities placed with intermediary institutions. For loans in currencies other than EUR, the equivalent in EUR is approximate and based on the exchange rate effective for the signing.

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Date Customer Loan agreed Summary  
18 Aug 2008

IKEA Capital B.V.


EUR 50 million

Investments in five new and relocated IKEA stores in Sweden.

2 Sep 2008

DONG Energy A/S


EUR 160 million

Climate: 100%

Construction of the Horns Rev II windmill farm off the west coast of Denmark in the North Sea.

4 Sep 2008

Government through Ministry of Finance


EUR 103.5 million

NIB’s 12th General Loan Programme to finance projects of mutual interest in various sectors of the country’s economy.

4 Sep 2008

Government through Ministry of Finance


EUR 34.5 million

NIB’s 3rd Rural Area Loan Programme to finance projects of mutual interest in various sectors in rural areas in China.

17 Sep 2008

AB Rytų Skirstomieji Tinklai


EUR 15 million

Investment programme, including the reconstruction and construction of transformer substations and distribution points in the electricity distribution network in eastern Lithuania, including Vilnius.

24 Sep 2008

Posten Norge AS


EUR 90.7 million

Construction of a new central post terminal on the outskirts of the capital city Oslo. The project is part of the overall strategy to increase efficiency of the post handling in Norway.

29 Sep 2008

Keravan Lämpövoima Oy


EUR 31.5 million

Construction of a new multi-fuelled, combined heat and power plant in the town of Kerava, southern Finland. Once in operation in late 2009, the new plant will help reduce the import of gas for fuelling the existing power plant in the town.

20 Oct 2008

Latvenergo A/S


EUR 50 million

Climate: 25%

Modernisation of the company’s generating capacity, in particular hydropower plants on the river Daugava, as well as rehabilitation and energy efficiency investments in transmission and distribution networks.

27 Oct 2008

Finnair Oyj


EUR 48.2 million

Acquisition of an Airbus 340-300 E aircraft, as part of an investment programme for expanding the fleet.

31 Oct 2008



EUR 65.8 million

Construction of a gas-fuelled heat and power plant for securing the power supply to the city of Moscow.


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