Customer testimonials


University Properties of Finland Ltd

“NIB pays a lot of attention to sustainability aspects. For us, it was very positive to see that the monetary value of environmental solutions comes not just in the form of energy efficiency, but also in the form of a long-term loan.”

Anssi Koski

CFO of University Properties of Finland

Copenhagen Airports A/S

“We are aiming for a substantial expansion of Copenhagen Airport in the coming years. Having access to reasonable sources of financing is critical to achieving this goal. Here, NIB's long-term financing fits well into our plans and portfolio.”

Thomas Woldbye

CEO of Copenhagen Airports A/S

Wihlborgs Fastigheter AB

“NIB met our needs for long-term financing. With a 24-year loan, we were able to cover the full length of the rental agreement with Lund University for MAX IV Lab. This and the supportive and flexible approach NIB demonstrated during the negotiation process were very significant in shaping a unique financial closure for a laboratory project of this scale and complexity.”

Arvid Liepe

CFO of Wihlborgs

Isavia Ltd

“Our work at Keflavík Airport has been to promote the airport to airlines and Iceland as an exciting destination, and we have made great progress in that. It has been important for us to work with NIB, because they understand how important these investments have been for Iceland. Their trust has enhanced the confidence of policymakers and the tourism industry in the Keflavík project, which has helped us make it a reality.”

Björn Óli Hauksson

CEO of Isavia