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Norway. Nedre Romerike Vannverk IKS

Date of agreement: 30 Dec 2019
Country: Norway
Customer: Nedre Romerike Vannverk IKS
Amount in NOK: NOK 458 million
Amount in EUR: EUR 46.64 million
Maturity: 25 years
NACE sector / loan type: Collection, purification and distribution of water


NIB is providing the uncommitted credit facility to ensure increased production capacity, quality and distribution of freshwater for Nedre Romerike Vannverk IKS (NRV). NRV provides drinking water services for approximately 160,000 inhabitants in the southern Romerike region, just north of Oslo.

Increased production capacity: This includes increased hydraulic capacity of the production facility, new pre-treatment and increased water intake and transportation capacity. The new parallel intake pipes for untreated water will increase capacity by approximately 185 % capacity. The increase in freshwater treatment capacity will increase from 950 l/s to 2000 l/s. With an annual population growth of approx. 1.9%, the capacity increase is expected to cover the needs until 2065.

Increased distribution and redundancy capacity: This includes new and upgraded pumping stations, upgraded water pipelines and strengthening of the distribution redundancy.

Enhanced security of supply: This project includes new drinking water dams and new main supply pipelines parallel to the existing infrastructure in order to secure the supply. A new 2.7 kilometre parallel line along the main supply line, which is from 1977, will increase the capacity and quality of the main network. The reserve water supply will increase from 170 l/s to 570 l/s.

NRV is owned by the seven municipalities of Skedsmo, Lørenskog, Rælingen, Nittedal, Gjerdrum, Sørum and Fet. The management and staff of NRV also operates the separate legal entity Nedre Romerike Avløpsselskap IKS (NRA), which provides drinking water services in the area. NRA is owned by the four municipalities of Skedsmo, Lørenskog, Rælingen and Nittedal.

Fulfilment of NIB's mandate

The current freshwater infrastructure is somewhat outdated, and treatment capacity is constrained. In addition, the connection of three independent sources of freshwater supply will contribute to the security of freshwater supply in the Oslo region.

Sustainability summary

NIB has not identified any significant sustainability issues.