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Finland. Bonum Bank Plc

Date of agreement: 24 Jan 2019
Country: Finland
Customer: Bonum Bank Plc
Amount in EUR: EUR 35 million
Maturity: 7 years
NACE sector / loan type: Loan programme


The loan has been provided to Bonum Bank for onlending via the POP Bank Group’s member cooperative banks to SMEs and environmental projects in Finland.

The loan programme will mainly finance investments in the SME and the agricultural and forestry sectors.

Bonum Bank Plc is a deposit bank and wholly owned by the POP Bank Alliance Coop, which is the central institution of the Finnish POP Bank Group, an alliance of 26 member cooperative banks. Bonum Bank acts as the Group’s central credit institution, providing liquidity and payment transfer services. The POP Bank Group currently has about 250,000 banking customers and operates 85 branch offices in 60 municipalities in Finland.

Fulfilment of NIB's mandate

The loan facility is expected to alleviate credit constraints for small and medium-sized companies and to support small-scale environmental projects. Companies eligible for financing under the loan facility are required conform to NIB’s criteria for SMEs.

Sustainability summary

Projects to be financed through a financial intermediary must fulfil the sustainability requirements defined in NIB’s Sustainability Policy and Guidelines. The POP Banks will take into account NIB’s policies and guidelines when reviewing loan applications.

Press release

NIB ja Bonum Pankki rahoittavat PK-yrityksiä


Press release

NIB och Bonum Bank finansierar SME-företag i Finland