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Sweden. Boliden Mineral AB

Date of agreement: 25 Jan 2018
Country: Sweden
Customer: Boliden Mineral AB
Amount in EUR: EUR 110 million
Maturity: 8 years
NACE sector / loan type: Mining and quarrying


Arctic Financing Facility (read more): 100%


The loan has been provided to finance investments at the Aitik copper mine near the town of Gällivare and at Boliden’s smelter plant in Rönnskär in Skellefteå, Sweden.

The project at the Aitik copper mine includes the installation of a new surface crusher and new process water management and treatment.

The investments at the Rönnskär smelter include the excavation of a new underground deep deposit and a water treatment plant and new processes for the reduction of SO2 and dioxins.

Both projects are assessed to contribute to more efficient production.

Boliden is a Swedish mining and smelting company that mainly produces copper, zinc, nickel, lead, gold and silver. The company is headquartered in Stockholm and has operations in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Ireland. Boliden employs approximately 5,500 people.

Fulfilment of NIB's mandate

Aitik copper mine investments


The investment is part of the ongoing expansion of mining operations and aims to improve productivity. The project also includes deliveries from other suppliers in the Nordic mining cluster.


New process water management and treatment is intended to minimise emissions to water. The new built-in surface crusher aims to make transportation work around the site more efficient.


Rönnskär smelter investments


The investment in the smelter is expected to improve process availability and maintenance planning. Several other Nordic companies provide deliveries to the project, including the new water treatment facility.


The investment in an underground deep deposit will provide a sustainable waste solution at the smelter. The water treatment plant and new processes are expected to reduce future environmental impact.

Sustainability summary

Aitik copper mine investments

The new surface crusher’s built-in features are expected to allow fur dust to be more easily contained. Noise is expected to continue to be kept within permit guideline values.

Rönnskär smelter investment

The excavation of a new deep deposit at Rönnskär will store both old waste that is currently kept above ground as well as new waste products generated in the smelting process. The investment will allow for safe disposal of waste materials from the production process. The water treatment facility filters smaller particles out and reduces the load of metals discharged to water.

Press release

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