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Sweden. Norrvatten

Date of agreement: 17 Jun 2015
Country: Sweden
Customer: Norrvatten
Amount in SEK: SEK 252 million
Amount in EUR: EUR 27.3 million
Maturity: 20 years
NACE sector / loan type: Collection, purification and distribution of water


The loan is being provided for the construction of a 55-kilometre water pipeline connecting the municipality of Norrtälje to Norrvatten’s water network. The pipeline will supply purified, high-quality drinking water from Lake Mälaren to a population of 25,000 people.

As part of the project, a back-up supply pipe between the municipalities of Österåker and Vaxholm has been constructed to ensure regional supply of fresh water in the event of a major leak in the pipe network. Both pipes will be taken into operation in summer 2015.

Norrvatten is a municipal council, established in 1926 by 14 municipalities northeast of Stockholm. The company is the fourth largest municipal fresh water producer in Sweden.

Fulfilment of NIB's mandate

The project will improve access to drinking water in Norrtälje. Alternative purification methods contributing to higher water quality will be tested in the process. The expansion of the freshwater connection will help to meet the increasing demand caused by population growth in the municipalities.

The expansion of the water supply network will enable the utilisation of the spare capacity of Norrvatten’s purification station, Görvälnverket, which is expected to generate cost savings and reduce electricity consumption in the purification process.

Sustainability summary

The potential negative environmental impact of the project is assessed as limited and mostly reversible. Protection screens will be used to minimise the spread of turbidity in the lake water during the construction of the pipeline trenches. No long-lasting consequences for endangered species living in the impacted areas are foreseen.

Press release

NIB finansierar dricksvattenförsörjning i Uppland