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Denmark. Sparekassen Thy

Date of agreement: 17 Jul 2007
Country: Denmark
Customer: Sparekassen Thy
Amount in EUR: EUR 7.5 million
NACE sector / loan type: Financial intermediation, except insurance and pension


The loan totalling EUR 7.5 million will finance small and medium-sized enterprises, primarily making environmental investments in the farming sector, including biogas plants and energy projects, for instance windmills. Sparekassen Thy, founded in 1829, is a savings bank running a 16-strong branch network located in the north-western part of Jutland.

Sustainability summary

ST's lending for wind power, agricultural projects and environment-friendly cars has a positive environmental impact. The agricultural projects are expected to reduce the run-off of nutrients, and the wind power projects are expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. A 50% share of the project qualifies as an environmental investment.