All agreed loans

Brazil. DP Marketing International Limited

Date of agreement: 20 Jun 2007
Country: Brazil
Customer: DP Marketing International Limited
Amount in USD: USD 10 million
Amount in EUR: EUR 7.5 million
NACE sector / loan type: Manufacture of pulp, paper and paper products


The loan totalling USD 10 million will be utilised to finance Brazil's Bahia Pulp, which was earlier granted a project investment loan in the amount of USD 40 million. The loan is being provided for the expansion of production capacity at Bahia Pulp, one of the world's leading producers of dissolving pulp, based in Camaçari, southern Brazil. The project envisages the development of a new dissolving pulp line, which will increase the capacity of the mill from the current 115,000 tonnes of standard grade dissolving pulp per year to 365,000 tonnes per year. The target completion date of the expansion project is 30 June 2008. The value of NIB's member country companies supplier contracts amounts to approximately EUR 88 million.

Sustainability summary

Bahia Pulp currently has access to sufficient resources of timber to meet the needs of the expanded plant. The design data show that emissions of SO2 and NOx are within the ranges provided in EU documentation on the best available technology in the pulp and paper industry. The design data for emissions of particulate matter are higher than the Best Available Techniques (BAT) defined by the EU, yet still in line with World Bank standards.