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Estonia. Tartu University Hospital

Date of agreement: 19 Feb 2014
Country: Estonia
Customer: Tartu University Hospital
Amount in EUR: EUR 21.1 million
Maturity: 17 years
NACE sector / loan type: Health and social work
Business area: Infrastructure, transportation and telecom


The loan has been provided for the construction of a new medical campus for the Tartu University Hospital. The current project includes the construction of an oncology centre, clinics for internal medicine and ophthalmology, as well as departments for cardiac surgery, endoscopy, pathology, laboratories and a hospital pharmacy. The total area of facilities to be constructed is about 39,000 square metres.

Currently, medical care is being provided in twelve different buildings scattered over a large area in the city. Some of the buildings do not meet the EU standard requirements. According to the investment programme, the new hospital campus is to be completed by September 2015. The loan-financed project is a continuation of an investment that started in 2004 and was funded with EU funds.

In its current status as a foundation, the Tartu University Hospital was founded in 1998 by the Republic of Estonia, Tartu University and the town of Tartu as a result of merging a number of hospitals.

Fulfilment of NIB's mandate

Competitiveness: The socio-economic benefits generated by the investment are expected to result in reduced mortality and morbidity (especially in oncologic diseases). Efficiency will improve mainly from reduced travel times between sites, elimination of service duplication, better patient management and updated treatment methods which will reduce the average lengths of stay. Moreover, the project will help the hospital to continue developing Estonian medical science and education in order to retain human capital and expand specialist medical units.

Environment: The key environmental impact of the project is the use of energy. The project is expected to create environmental impacts due to the fact that new buildings are to be built. One building in the city centre will be vacated.

Sustainability summary

The project has marginal environmental risks. The risk for negative impact on any sensitive ecological system is considered minor. Noise mitigation measures will be implemented at the construction site.

Press release

NIB annab laenu uue meditsiinilinnaku jaoks Tartus