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Finland. Suomen Hypoteekkiyhdistys

Date of agreement: 29 Apr 2013
Country: Finland
Customer: Suomen Hypoteekkiyhdistys
Amount in EUR: EUR 7 million
Maturity: 7 years
NACE sector / loan type: Loan programme
Business area: Financial institutions and SMEs

This loan contributes to climate change mitigation: 100%


The loan programme has been provided for financing small-scale environmental investments of households and housing companies.

The funds of the loan programme will be earmarked for projects improving energy efficiency and aimed at positive environmental effects, such as investments in ground heat systems, heat pumps, solar panels and improved insulation and ventilation of buildings. Eligible environmental investments could also include the development of the infrastructure for hybrid cars, such as charging points in car parks.

Suomen Hypoteekkiyhdistys (Hypo) is a mutual company owned by its lending customer-members. Hypo has currently approximately 24,000 active customers. Hypo Group forms together with its subsidiaries the oldest private credit institution in Finland, established in 1860. The group invests in residential properties and provides mortgage lending to private individuals and loans to housing companies.

Fulfilment of NIB's mandate

Competitiveness: The loan programme will facilitate access to financing for improvements in buildings and infrastructure, and, subsequently, in more efficient use of energy resources. Better access to financing can raise the competitive pressure on other financial institutions to raise quality and the value of their products.

Environment: Investments in energy efficiency measures are expected lead to positive environmental impacts from the generation of energy. The installation of renewable energy solutions, such as a ground heat system or solar panels, are among the most sustainable ways of providing energy to households and apartment buildings. Renewable energy solutions also reduce greenhouse gas emissions through crowding out energy generation with fossil fuels.

Sustainability summary

Energy efficiency measures and the replacement of fossil fuels with small-scale renewable energy solutions lead to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions through a crowding out effect. As for individual projects, NIB delegates the responsibility for the assessment of environmental and social aspects to Hypo.

Press release

NIB rahoittaa energiatehokkuutta suomalaiskodeissa


Press release

NIB finansierar bättre energieffektivitet i finska hem