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Sweden. Getinge AB

Date of agreement: 25 Sep 2012
Country: Sweden
Customer: Getinge AB
Amount in USD: USD 90 million
Amount in EUR: EUR 69.7 million
Maturity: 8 years
NACE sector / loan type: Health and social work
Business area: Industries and services


The USD 90 million (EUR 70 million) loan has been provided for financing an R&D investment to improve the usage of its ventilation and anaesthesia products.

Getinge’s R&D activities in its Medical Systems division are aimed to develop products for improved clinical outcome and  reduced complexity in use. Increased support for integration with other products,  modern user interfaces and state of the art clinical functions are expected to improve healthcare productivity.

Getinge Group is a leading global provider of products and systems that contribute to quality enhancement and cost efficiency within healthcare and life sciences. It operates under the brands of ArjoHuntleigh, Getinge and Maquet. ArjoHuntleigh focuses on patient mobility and wound management solutions. Getinge provides solutions for infection control within healthcare and contamination prevention within life sciences. Maquet specialises in solutions, therapies and products for surgical interventions, interventional cardiology and intensive care.

Fulfilment of NIB's mandate

Getinge’s past performance suggests that allocating more resources to R&D should contribute to the productivity and competitiveness of the company. The increase in Getinge’s R&D is likely to affect the productivity  of other companies operating in the same industry or region through spill-overs, which could further contribute to knowledge creation and diffusion.

Sustainability summary

The environmental impact is perceived as neutral.

Press release

NIB finansierar Getinges FoU i ventilations- och anestesiprodukter