All agreed loans

China. Government through Ministry of Finance

Date of agreement: 4 Sep 2008
Country: China
Customer: Government through Ministry of Finance
Amount in USD: USD 50 million
Amount in EUR: EUR 34.5 million
NACE sector / loan type: Loan programme


NIB's 3rd Rural Area Loan Programme of USD 50 million will finance projects of mutual interest in various sectors in rural areas in China. Future projects with a significant Nordic/Baltic component financed under the programme will be aimed at balancing of the wealth (improvement of the conditions of the rural areas), technological development and environmental improvement.

Sustainability summary

The individual subprojects environmental impacts are limited and manageable on the basis of the small to medium scale of expected subprojects and the sectors the clients operates in. In the sectors proposed Nordic/Baltic technology represents state-of-the-art in reliability, efficiency and low environmental impacts.