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Loans disclosed here do not include green bond investments or individual allocations of lending facilities placed with intermediary institutions. For loans in currencies other than EUR, the equivalent in EUR is approximate and based on the exchange rate effective for the signing.

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Energy and water
Financial institutions and SMEs
Industries and services
Infrastructure, transportation and telecom
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Category A projects
Climate change mitigation
Maritime environment
Arctic facility
Environmental Bond financing

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Date Customer Focus area Loan agreed Summary  
5 Dec 2019

Deutsche Leasing Sverige AB


  • Financial institutions and SMEs

EUR 20 million

Loan programme for on-lending to SMEs and SMCs in Sweden.

28 Nov 2019

Sogn og Fjordane Energi AS


  • Energy and water

EUR 30 million

Construction of a 47MW hydropower plant in Østerbø, Norway.

26 Nov 2019

Demant A/S


  • Industries and services

EUR 60.2 million

Research and development costs for audiological devices and technology in 2019.

26 Nov 2019

Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO)


  • Financial institutions and SMEs

EUR 25 million

Loan programme for on-lending to environmental projects in non-member countries, primarily Ukraine.

20 Nov 2019

AS Tallinna Vesi


  • Energy and water

EUR 37.5 million

Upgrading freshwater supply and wastewater management infrastructure networks in Tallinn.

15 Nov 2019

Helgeland Sparebank


  • Financial institutions and SMEs

EUR 29.73 million

Climate: 50%

Arctic Facility: 50%

Loan programme for onlending to SMEs and environmental projects in northern Norway.

14 Nov 2019

City of Varberg


  • Energy and water

EUR 62.23 million

Investments in municipal water and wastewater infrastructure in Varberg, Sweden.

8 Nov 2019

Vectura AB


  • Industries and services

EUR 93.5 million

Construction of a green building dedicated to life science in Stockholm.

7 Nov 2019

Tampereen seudun keskuspuhdistamo Oy


  • Energy and water

EUR 150 million

Baltic Sea: 100%

Constructing a new wastewater treatment plant to be built in Sulkavuori, in the city of Tampere, Finland

Category A project

5 Nov 2019

Municipality of Örebro


  • Energy and water

EUR 55.8 million

Upgrading fresh water supply and wastewater management infrastructure in Örebro, Sweden

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