2022 Annual Conference of the Principles in London

28 Jun 2022

NIB re-elected to the Executive Committee of the Principles

On 28 June, the International Capital Market Association (ICMA) announced the new Executive Committee of the Principles, the leading framework for issuers and investors in sustainable bonds. NIB has been re-elected to the committee for another term.

The Principles are a global initiative administered by ICMA. It includes the Green Bond Principles (GBP), the Social Bond Principles (SBP), the Sustainability Bond Guidelines (SBG) and the Sustainability-Linked Bond Principles (SLBP), providing support while advising on governance and other issues.

The Principles are a set of voluntary process guidelines that aim to promote integrity in the bond market. Its Executive Committee is the main body that develops and decides on further amendments to the Principles.

NIB was first elected as a member of the Executive Committee in 2016, when its work mainly focused on the development of then green bond market. Since then, the initiative has grown to also include Social, Sustainability and Sustainability-Linked bonds.

“Integrity and transparency are the cornerstones of the sustainable bond market, and much of the progress in the field can be attributed to the ground-breaking work within the Principles. At NIB, we are proud to have been part of the journey so far and look forward to contribute to the initiative further,” says Angela Brusas, Funding & Investor Relations Director at NIB.

During the years, NIB has participated in various working groups of the initiative. Currently, the Bank is amongst the coordinators for the Principles work on further developing impact reporting and Green, Social and Sustainability (GSS) bonds indices.