21 Jun 2022

NIB publishes ESG guidelines for its lending operations 

Our new ESG guidelines clarify and strengthen NIB’s approach to assessing environmental, social and governance factors into our lending.

We believe that economic growth and sustainable development can go together. We also believe that taking environmental, social and governance aspects into account is consistent with sound business practice and enhances both NIB’s and the client’s competitive advantage.

We therefore commit to supporting our clients by sharing knowledge to foster sustainability and ESG integration. Thus, the overarching purpose of NIB’s ESG assessment is, through dialogue, to elevate ESG issues in the counterparty’s organisations and projects, improve the client’s sustainability performance and support the effective implementation and execution of projects.

Luca de Lorenzo, Head of Sustainability and Mandate at NIB, says a sound financier cannot ignore ESG factors in today’s world.

“ESG Factors need to be an integral part of the Bank’s operations. Addressing the ever more pressing environmental and social challenges requires comprehensive and coordinated action in the way we finance economic activities,” says de Lorenzo.

“This is why at NIB we are strengthening our ESG approach.”

NIB’s new ESG guidelines for its lending operations entered into force as of 7 June 2022.