6 Feb 2023

Appointment of a new member to NIB’s Sanctions Panel

On 8 December 2022, NIB’s Board of Directors appointed Jelena Madir as a new external member of NIB’s Sanctions Panel. She replaces Enery Quinones, who was the first chairperson of the panel and whose term has expired, and will join Rohil Hafeez, current chairperson and a member to the Panel since 2016.

Jelena Madir has extensive experience with the international financial institution’s debarment process and currently is an external member of NEFCO’s sanctions panel. Her five-year term has started on 1 February 2023.

NIB’s Sanctions Panel is an independent body established by the Board of Directors in 2016 responsible for determining appropriate sanctions against external parties for fraud, corruption, theft, and other types of criminal conduct which occur in relation to projects financed by NIB. The Panel works closely with NIB’s Integrity and Compliance Office (‘ICO’) which is responsible to conduct the investigations in accordance with NIB’s Investigations and Enforcement Policy.