Sweden. Stockholm County Council

Date of agreement:23 Feb 2016
Customer:Stockholm County Council
Amount in SEK:SEK 1,000 million
Amount in EUR:EUR 106.9 million
Maturity:10 years
NACE sector / loan type:Land transport

This loan contributes to climate change mitigation: 100%

Financing from NIB Environmental Bond proceeds

NEB-eligible share: 100%

NEB category: Clean transport solutions

Amount disbursed: EUR 107.3 million

Note: For loans in other currencies than EUR, the equivalent in EUR is based on the exchange rate effective for the disbursement. Read more about the NIB Environmental Bonds


The loan has been provided for financing the acquisition of 48 new metro trains and a new traffic operation system for Stockholm’s metro system.

The new trains will be used on a line that connects the suburban residential districts to the city centre and transports up to 500,000 commuters daily.

The trains, which are to be delivered in 2017–2021, will increase the line’s passenger capacity by adding more standing room. The new traffic system, to be taken into use in 2019, will allow for semi-automatic operation.

The total project costs are estimated at about SEK 6 billion.

The Stockholm County Council is a regional municipal body corresponding to the region of Stockholm County in Sweden. Its main responsibilities are the provision of public healthcare and public transport.

Fulfilment of NIB's mandate

The new trains will increase the passenger capacity of the Red Line by 14%. In addition, the new traffic operating system will increase the line’s hourly departure frequency by 25% from 24 to 30 trains. The modernisation of the system and the physical upgrade of the train fleet are intended to enhance the market efficiency and reliability of the entire metro network.

The growing population of the Stockholm metropolitan area is expected to increase demand for public transportation. The improvement of the metro’s passenger capacity as well as its departure frequency is expected to reduce travel times and improve the quality of services.

Sustainability summary


The implementation of the project is not expected to produce any significant negative environmental impact.


Press release

NIB finances Stockholm’s public transport system

Press release

NIB finansierar kollektivtrafik i Stockholm

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