Sweden. Municipality of Ängelholm

Date of agreement:03 Mar 2017
Customer:Municipality of Ängelholm
Amount in SEK:SEK 50 million
Amount in EUR:EUR 5.24 million
Maturity:15 years
NACE sector / loan type:Sewage and refuse disposal, sanitation and similar activities

This loan has a positive effect on maritime environments: 100%

Financing from NIB Environmental Bond proceeds

NEB-eligible share: 100%

NEB category: Water management and protection

Amount disbursed: EUR 5.2 million

Note: For loans in other currencies than EUR, the equivalent in EUR is based on the exchange rate effective for the disbursement. Read more about the NIB Environmental Bonds


The loan has been provided to finance a municipal investment programme to expand the capacity of the wastewater treatment system. The investment programme includes the replacement of private wastewater treatment installations with connections to the centralised sewage collection network, the extension of this network to new residential areas, and upgrades to wastewater treatment by installing new aeration tanks, anoxic tanks, settling tanks and sludge treatment. The expansion of the wastewater treatment system is expected to increase capacity by almost 60%. Ängelholm is located in southern Sweden and has approximately 41,000 inhabitants

Fulfilment of NIB's mandate

Ängelholm is experiencing rapid population growth. Well-functioning sewage collection and efficient wastewater treatment are crucial in reducing the stresses caused by humans on the environment.

Sustainability summary


The project will not cause any significant environmental issues during the construction phase.