Compliance & anti-corruption

NIB is committed to following best practices and market standards in the areas of accountability, transparency and business ethics in order to promote sustainability. Good governance and corporate social responsibility are vital concepts in business today and form the core of the Bank’s efforts to maintain its integrity and avoid reputational risks. The Bank has established codes of conduct for all its staff and the members of its governing and supervisory bodies.

NIB’s Compliance function (also referred to as the Integrity & Compliance Office) addresses integrity and reputational risks in its daily business in accordance with the Compliance, Integrity and Anti-corruption Policy (find links here). The Bank has adopted a zero tolerance policy towards fraud and corruption, and places particular emphasis on combating and preventing any Prohibited Practice (corruption, fraud, coercion, collusion, theft, obstruction, money laundering, and terrorist financing) in the Bank’s activities and operations.

Investigative role

NIB investigates all suspected or alleged cases of Prohibited Practices, misconduct and non-compliance in accordance with the Investigations and Enforcement Policy. As investigations are primarily based on the allegations the Bank receives, it is of vital importance that both internal and external stakeholders take the initiative to report allegations or suspicions of any wrongdoing in relation to the Bank’s operations and activities.

NIB’s Speaking-up and Whistleblowing Policy aims to make it easier for staff and other stakeholders, including witnesses in investigations, to report in good faith any wrongdoings to the Integrity & Compliance Office. Moreover, the Policy establishes that retaliation against reporters or witnesses is prohibited and describes the Bank’s procedures for protecting whistleblowers.

Any person suspecting that Prohibited Practices, misconduct or non-compliance with NIB’s policies could have occurred in connection with an NIB financed activity is strongly encouraged to report it to the Bank. The report should be made to the Chief Compliance Officer and can be submitted anonymously. However, the Bank strongly encourages the disclosure of identity to facilitate the communication and enable a thorough investigation.

Preventive work

To ensure adherence to international practices and prevent corruption and money laundering in the Bank’s business activities, NIB has adopted an Integrity Due Diligence Policy. This Policy establishes the KYC (know-your-customer) principles followed by the Bank and covers issues related to criminal history, sanctions, money laundering, terrorist financing, tax fraud, tax evasion and cross-border structures.

The Bank has established an internal Council for Fighting Corruption to focus on preventive measures and raising awareness among the Bank’s staff and other stakeholders.