Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is an advisory body to the President. It deals with policy and management issues; it has the overall responsibility for risk management. Its meetings are chaired by the President, who reaches decisions after consulting with the members of the Committee.

The Executive Committee consists of the President and senior officers whose appointment to the Committee is confirmed by the Board of Directors. The Committee meets once or twice a month and in addition as needed.



André KüüsvekAndré Küüsvek

President & Chief Executive Officer

Heikki CantellHeikki Cantell

General Counsel, Head of Legal

Hilde KjelsbergHilde Kjelsberg

First Vice-President, Chief Risk Officer, 
Head of Risk & Compliance

Søren Kjær MortensenSøren Kjær Mortensen

Vice-President, Head of Lending

Gunnar OkkGunnar Okk

Vice-President, Chief Operating Officer,
Head of Business Services

Björn OrdellBjörn Ordell

First Vice-President & Deputy CEO, 
Chief Financial Officer, Head of Treasury & Finance


Associate Members

Jukka Ahonen

Jukka Ahonen

Senior Director, Head of Communications


Photos: Marjo Koivumäki

Luca De Lorenzo

Luca De Lorenzo

Senior Director, Head of Sustainability & Mandate


Vera-Maria Lehtonen

Vera-Maria Lehtonen

Senior Director, Head of Human Resources