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Who owns NIB?

NIB has eight member countries: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden.

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In which countries do you finance projects?

The majority of NIB's operations are located in the Nordic–Baltic region. Outside the member area, the Bank may extend loans in countries that have signed agreements on financial cooperation with NIB. In certain cases, loans may be provided in other OECD countries.

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Who can get a loan from NIB?

NIB provides long-term loans to public and private companies and the public sector in and outside the Bank's member countries. Financing for small and medium-sized companies is channelled through intermediaries.

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Can a private person apply for a loan from NIB?

No, NIB does not offer loans to private persons.

What kinds of projects do you finance?

NIB finances projects that improve productivity and benefit the environment. This includes, for example, investments in infrastructure, such as energy and transport, research and development, the improvement of manufacturing processes, internationalisation of businesses and investments by small and medium-sized enterprises. NIB also finances investments in preventing and treating environmental pollution.

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What are the eligibility criteria?

All projects financed by NIB should improve competitiveness and/or the environment, in accordance with NIB's mandate and eligibility criteria. Furthermore, outside the membership area, projects financed by NIB should be of mutual interest to the country of the borrower and the member countries.

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How can I apply for a loan from NIB?

Loan proposals are directed to NIB's Lending Department. There are no formal requirements for a loan proposal.

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How is a loan decision made at NIB?

A decision to grant a loan is made by the Board of Directors, after preliminary approval by the Credit Committee. NIB's President is authorised by the Board to make certain lending decisions.

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Do you award grants or financial aid?

NIB does not award grants or financial aid.

Do you finance SMEs and small midcaps?

NIB directs financing to SMEs and small midcap companies through financial intermediaries.

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Do you pay attention to environmental aspects of projects financed?

Yes, NIB assesses environmental aspects, including both ecological and social aspects, when evaluating a project for potential financing.

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Does NIB compete with commercial banks?

NIB finances the same types of projects as commercial banks do. However, NIB strives to complement other financing sources and add value through its long-term financing and status as an international financial institution.

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What is the Northern Dimension Environmental Partnership?

The Northern Dimension Environmental Partnership is a cooperative effort to coordinate and support the financing of urgent environmental investments in north-western regions of Russia.

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Where does NIB have offices?

NIB's only office is located in Helsinki, Finland.

How can I apply for a job or a trainee position at NIB?

NIB’s vacancies are announced on page Jobs and often advertised and promoted on jobseeking sites and in social media.

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