NIB to update its Sustainability Policy

We invite our stakeholders to a public consultation on NIB's Sustainability Policy renewal. The updated Sustainability Policy will enter into force after the public consultation has been completed.

Provide us with your comments!

NIB’s Board of Directors approved the reviewed Sustainability Policy for public consultation on 4 June 2024. The consultation process is now open for 30 days. We invite our stakeholders to provide comments on the document by 4 July 2024.

Please send your feedback to with “Sustainability Policy” in the subject field.

Sustainability Policy renewal process


First approval

NIB's Board of Directors approve a version of the Sustainability Policy for public consultation.


Public consultation

NIB invites stakeholders to comment on the updated document. After 30 days have passed, an internal NIB discussion considers the received contributions, and possibly make an amended version of the Sustainability Policy for a separate Board of Directors approval. If, after the public consultation period, there are no changes to the policy, it shall be deemed approved.


Possible second approval

NIB's Board of Directors is informed about the outcome of public consultation. In case adjustments have been made to the document, the Board has to approve the amended Sustainability Policy.


Entry into force

NIB's launches its updated Sustainability Policy. The Bank publishes the contributions received after the consultation period (if the author's consent is given) and NIB's response to the consultation, explaining the outcome of the process.



Luca De Lorenzo

Senior Director
Head of Sustainability & Mandate
+358 10 618 0297

Jukka Ahonen

Senior Director
Head of Communications
+358 10 618 0295