Other committees

Asset & Liability Committee

The Asset & Liability Committee assists and advises the President on overall risk management and capital adequacy, as part of the Bank’s asset and liability management. The Committee consists of the members of the Executive Committee and is chaired by the President. The responsibilities of the Committee include monitoring performance against the agreed risk appetite, the preparation of recommendations to the Board of Directors in relation to the capital structure as well as the limits and targets for the key risk factors. The committee meets at least quarterly.

Mandate, Credit & Compliance Committee

The Mandate, Credit & Compliance Committee is responsible for the preparation of and the decision-making on matters related to the lending operations of the Bank. The President exercises his delegated decision-making powers concerning lending operations through the Mandate, Credit & Compliance Committee. The Committee includes the President and meets once a week.

Business & Technology Committee

The Business & Technology Committee deals with the implementation and management of business processes, products and structures, and related ICT matters, such as the Bank’s enterprise architecture. The committee functions as an advisory body for the President within its focus area and in ICT related matters.