Control Committee and auditors

The Control Committee is the Bank’s supervisory body. It ensures that the operations of the Bank are conducted in accordance with the Statutes. The Control Committee is responsible for the audit of the Bank and submits its annual audit report to the Board of Governors. The Nordic Council and the Parliaments of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania appoint eight members to the Committee, with one member representing each member country. 

Furthermore, two members are appointed by the Board of Governors to serve as Chairman and Deputy Chairman. The chairmanship and the deputy chairmanship rotate among the member countries. The Control Committee appoints two professional external auditors for the purpose of assisting the Committee in carrying out its work and responsibilities. One of the professional auditors is appointed from the Bank’s host country (Finland) and one from another member country.



Toomas Vapper

Head of Department, Financial Information and Intelligence Policy Department, Ministry of Finance

Deputy Chairman

Pentti Hakkarainen

Master of Laws and Master of Economic Sciences


Sjúrður Skaale
Member of Parliament


Aivar Kokk
Member of Parliament 


Heli Järvinen
Member of Parliament 


Viljhálmur Árnason
Member of Parliament 


Ilze Indriksone
Minister of Economics


Zigmantas Balčytis
Member of Parliament


May Britt Lagesen
Member of Parliament 


Johan Andersson
Member of Parliament 

Secretary to the Control Committee:
Heikki Cantell, General Counsel, NIB

External auditor appointed by the Control Committee
Terhi Mäkinen, Authorised Public Accountant, Ernst & Young Finland
Mona Alfredsson, Authorised Public Accountant, Ernst & Young Sweden