Infrastructure & Project Finance

We offer financing loans with tenors of up to 30 years to match the life cycle of your investment in infrastructure development, be it an airport, a road or railway link, clean transport solutions or next generation mobile network. We will assist you in identifying your project’s conformity with NIB’s mission, and share our project financing expertise to guide you through complex financial structures.


Efficient infrastructure is essential for achieving productivity gains and reducing enviromental footprint. Our focus in this area is primarily on improving efficiency in transport networks, logistics, public infrastructure as well as telecommunications in the Nordic–Baltic region.

We also finance infrastructure investments outside the membership region. These projects would typically involve the supply of technology or direct investments from a member country, for instance, in infrastructure assets in one of the neighbouring countries.

Project finance

We can assist you with project and structured finance to deliver loans that involve complex risks or financial structures, for example using the public–private partnership model. Our team will help with risk identification and mitigation, due diligence, loan structuring, and transaction negotiation.

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Head of Infrastructure & Project Finance
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Director, Infrastructure
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Senior Banker
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Project Finance

Bo Nordberg

Director, Project Finance
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Senior Banker
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Associate Director
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Senior Banker
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