We provide tailored loans with long maturities to large and medium-sized corporates, for investments that improve sustainability through innovation, productivity gains and environmental benefits. We offer a wide range of options in terms of loan structures, tenors, currencies and availability periods. We put emphasis on a thorough understanding of our clients' businesses in order to tailor our offerings to meet the business needs.

Capital goods & Consumer discretionary

Investing in effective operations and people skills fosters economic efficiency. We focus on value-added projects that reduce environmental footprint, promote innovation and contribute to productivity gains through investments in clean technologies, production capacity improvements and efficient use of raw materials. 

Materials & Real estate

Green buildings have great potential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Through our lending, we support green real estate development that reduces use of water, energy and natural resources.

Our competence and areas of experience also cover projects within the basic materials sector, fertilizer industry and minerals extraction and refinement.

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