Board of Governors

Finance Minister of Estonia: We depend on the success of the whole region

“There will be demand for NIB’s financing in the future in the Nordic–Baltic region and more widely”, says Sven Sester, Minister of Finance of Estonia, who chaired the annual meeting of NIB’s Board of Governors in 2016. As regards his own country, he says that Estonian companies have benefitted significantly from NIB’s financing.

NIB Newsletter asked Mr Sester to comment on the Bank’s annual results and share his view of the future.

  Annual results 2015  

NIB’s Governors approve 2015 annual results

At its annual meeting, the Nordic Investment Bank’s Board of Governors approved the Bank’s annual accounts for 2015. The Board also decided to undertake an adjustment and alignment of NIB’s authorised capital, to be completed by next spring.

  Interim report  

NIB in Jan-Apr 2016: Higher lending volume, lower profit

In the first four months of the year, the volume NIB’s lending reached a significantly higher level compared to the same period last year. A lower interest income and valuation effects prompted a decrease of the Bank’s profit.

Download NIB's financial results Jan–Apr 2016



Board of Directors


Board Chairman: Implementing NIB’s revised strategy a priority

As of 1 June, NIB’s Board of Directors has been appointed for the next four years (see a news). Among the newly appointed are Directors for Iceland and Finland, and an Alternate Member for Iceland.

Kaspars Āboliņš, Director for Latvia and the new Board Chairman, sees the implementation of NIB’s revised strategy as the top priority for the Bank.



Fortum Värme


Ancient oaks saved as Fortum Värme builds biofuel CHP

Green thinking permeates the design and operations of Fortum Värme’s newly started combined heat and power plant in Sweden. The plant is even designed with inward curves to precisely fit in between majestic trees. That might sound peculiar at first, especially considering the plant is fuelled with forest residuals.

Linköping model: Garbage-to-economy


"Linköping model": Garbage-to-economy

The Swedish city of Linköping has launched the most technologically advanced, and one of the largest, CHP plants in the country. The plant is fired by rubbish—household garbage, industrial waste and waste from abroad—so that nothing is left for the landfill.

Raziyeh Khodayari


Sweden: Waste too valuable to throw away

Waste is too expensive to throw it away. In fact, waste is a lucrative business niche. Today’s Sweden shows a great example of turning waste into energy. It is a revolution, a recycling revolution we are witnessing, says Dr Raziyeh Khodayari of ‎Svensk Fjärrvärme association in an interview with NIB Newsletter.



Copenhagen Airport


CPH: Double-deck gateway to Northern Europe

Every year, Copenhagen Airport, invests big to remain "the gateway to Northern Europe". In the coming years, the airport plans to increase the number of passengers from 25 million to 40 million a year. "We must expand, refine and improve our services for both airlines and passengers”, says Thomas Woldbye, CEO of Copenhagen Airports A/S.

Helsinki Airport


Helsinki: Better customer experience under one roof

Helsinki Airport is carrying out a roaring EUR 900 million renovation, a complex overhaul of the airport’s infrastructure. “We are happy about the solution—increase the capacity of the existing compact infrastructure under one roof”, says Ville Haapasaari, Senior Vice-President of Finavia and Director of Helsinki Airport.



DCT Gdansk


NDPTL grant helps kick off port expansion in Gdansk

The Deepwater Container Terminal in Gdansk, Poland, is the Baltic Sea’s hub for large cargo vessels from East Asia. The expansion of the terminal is currently one of Europe’s largest maritime infrastructure projects. It started off with the help of a support grant from the Northern Dimension Partnership on Transport and Logistics.



Environmental projects


Green Bond Principles: NIB a candidate for Executive Committee

Green bonds are an established instrument in the capital market. Since 2011, NIB has become a regular issuer of environmental bonds. “Running for the GBP Executive Committee, we are demonstrating commitment to further developing the green bond market”, says Lars Eibeholm, Head of Treasury at NIB.



Funding highlights

Monthly updated coverage of NIB's funding operations: funding targets, reports on transactions and graphs.

See also:

Funding transactions


Agreed Loans

3 Jun 2016 Tele2 AB EUR 130 million Sweden
24 May 2016 Eidsiva Energi AS  EUR 47 million Norway
23 May 2016 Suomen Yliopistokiinteistöt Oy EUR 50 million Finland
13 May 2016 Vasakronan AB  EUR 48 million Sweden
10 May 2016 Municipality of Ängelholm EUR 5 million Sweden
29 Apr 2016 Volvofinans Bank AB (publ)  EUR 38 million Sweden
26 Apr 2016 Sparebank 1 Nord-Norge EUR 52 million Norway
26 Apr 2016 Novozymes A/S EUR 70 million Denmark
26 Apr 2016 Sunnfjord Energi AS EUR 14 million Norway
22 Apr 2016 Södra skogsägarna ekonomisk förening EUR 109 million Sweden
Agreed loans


NIB enhances search for agreed loans on website

The extended functionality allows sorting loans by multiple criteria. The functionality also features calculating the amounts of selected loans.

Click here to open Agreed Loans



Almedalen Week


NIB at Almedalen Week 2016

On 8 July, NIB in cooperation with Sweden's association of savings banks organises a seminar on the risks and opportunities of "green" financing, arranged at the traditional Almedalen Week, an annual debate forum held on the island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea.

Read more about Almedalen Week


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