Category A project

UPM Biorefinery in Leuna

Country: Germany
Borrower: UPM BC GmbH
Sector: Industries & services
Published for 30 days on: 24 Jun 2020
Planned date for decision by Board of Directors: 26 Aug 2020

Project summary

UPM plans to construct an industrial scale biorefinery to convert wood into next generation biochemicals in Leuna, Germany.

Wood sourcing will be based on forest thinning and residues of regional sawmills. Main products include bio-monoethylene glycol (BioMEG) and lignin-based renewable functional fillers.
In addition, the biorefinery will produce bio-monopropylene glycol (BioMPG) and industrial sugars. These 100% wood-based biochemicals can replace fossil raw materials in various consumer-driven end-uses. The total annual capacity of the biorefinery will be 220,000 tonnes.

The biorefinery will be located in the InfraLeuna GmbH chemical park in Saxony-Anhalt, with existing permitting processes, logistics arrangements and infrastructure for various services and utilities. UPM plans to enter service agreements related to wood handling, waste water treatment and other utilities within the chemical park.

An Environmental Impact Assessment was completed in January 2020, the consultation period is ongoing until 22 June 2020 and the public stakeholder event is planned for 16 July 2020. The biorefinery is scheduled to start up by the end of 2022.

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Project sponsor contact information

Michael Duetsch
Vice President, Biochemicals Business
phone: +4915114833389

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