Category A project

Airports in Nuuk and Ilullisat

Country: Greenland
Sector: Infrastructure, transport & telecom
Published for 30 days on: 21 Dec 2018
Planned date for decision by Board of Directors: 15 Mar 2019

Project summary

The projects relate to the potential financing of developing two international airports in Nuuk and Ilulissat. The project scope is:

Nuuk airport: Expansion of runway to 2.200 metres, a new terminal area, a new passenger terminal and a new Aerodrome Flight Information Service (AFIS) tower.

Ilulissat Airport: New 2.200 metres runway, transforming the existing runway into a taxiway, a new terminal and technical building, and a new AFIS tower.

Both projects have undergone the required permit processes in accordance with the legal requirements. The environmental impact assessments (EIA) process has currently not been concluded for the Nuuk project. For the Ilulissat project, the EIA has been accepted by the environmental authorities and a permit has been issued. For the two individual projects, the environmental impacts at the two sites can be divided into impacts during the construction period and impacts during the operational period.

Impacts during construction are mainly noise and vibrations during blasting and hauling of rock material, emissions to air from construction equipment and blasting, impacts on flora and fauna due to removal of overburden and noise, handling of construction waste, explosives and fuel can potentially cause impacts.

Further, for the handling of water at the construction site it is important to prevent discharges of soil and rock particles to the recipients as well as prevention of spill from explosives and fuel reaching the surrounding environment. Potentially contaminated soil will be removed and handled in accordance with legal requirements. Archaeological investigations will be conducted prior to construction.

During the operational phase the main impacts relates to the increased number of landing and take-offs. Emissions to air of NOx and CO2 will increase. Waste amounts from the operation of the airport will increase, and so will the discharges of wastewater from the airport area and terminal buildings. The main contaminants to water will stem from de-icing fluids for planes and de-icing agents for runways and taxi ways, as well as wastewater from the terminal and hangar areas. Noise will increase due to the increased number of landings and take offs and traffic to and from the airport. The new runways and related infrastructure will also have a visual impact in the surroundings.

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Jesper Nordskilde
GRL direct; + 299 342 142
DK direct; + 45 3051 5891

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